Empire State Building surpasses energy efficiency expectations

Empire State Building

Over the past year, the Empire State Building has been taking steps to become more energy efficient. Now, the results of their first year’s efforts are in, and they have exceeded their building efficiency expectations by 5% and saved $2.4 million. Once all of the building’s tenant retrofits are complete, the internationally-recognized building will have cut its energy consumption by a whopping 38%, save $4.4 million per year, and over the course of 15 years cut carbon emissions by 105,000 metric tons, making the Empire State Building one of the most high profile energy efficient buildings.

Some might even say that, if the original inefficient building was the Empire State Building itself, the newly announced energy efficiency building accomplishments would be akin to King Kong climbing up the side of it and beating his chest. Kudos to the Empire State Building for becoming an energy efficient building.