The Eiffel Tower Will Power Itself With Two New Silent Wind Turbines

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The Eiffel Tower, forever a symbol of French ingenuity and heritage, has added two new wind turbines to its modernist frame.

The 17-foot turbines are a part of a massive renovation of the tower’s lower level.

Specially designed for the tower, the turbines are unlike typical wind energy installations. They run silenty and produce no vibrations. They’ve also been painted to match the tower’s iconic steel frame.

“I was wondering what the French people would think of it in general,” said Jan Grodmadski, an engineer with Urban Green Energy said in an interview with Fast Company, “Because they’re very protective of this structure, it represents their heritage. But the French press has been very positive.”

You can check out more photos of the tower’s last overhaul over at Fast Company

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2 thoughts on “The Eiffel Tower Will Power Itself With Two New Silent Wind Turbines”

  1. “The Eiffel Tower Will Power Itself With Two New Silent Wind Turbines” !!!

    I don’t think so –

    The Eiffel Tower now sports two 17-foot wind turbines 400 feet above the tower’s base, right above the second level. The wind turbines are expected to produce about 10,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year — only about 0.15 % of the tower’s total
    annual power consumption.

    Jan Gromadzki, an engineer with the New York-based Urban Green Technology (the company was tasked with designing and installing the turbines), said “It’s just a small drop in the ocean.” “This installation is definitely more symbolic,”

    Read more:

    “the turbines are capable of delivering 10,000kWh of electricity annually”

    Lets just look at that

    VisionAIR5 Turbine Max Generator UL Rated = 3.2 kW Average
    output = 2.5 kW (less than a kettle + toaster)

    The Eiffel Tower uses 20,000 light bulbs to make it sparkle every night, for 10 minutes on the hour. The monument consumes 7.8 million kWh of electricity per year, the equivalent of a small village, including 580,000 kWh for all its lights. 60,000 m3 of drinking water,
    and 705,000 kWh of heating and air conditioning are also required every year, +
    9 lifts, cooking & water pumps etc.

    Do the maths….You would need 1,560 of these units to power
    the tower….IF the wind was blowing!!


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