Reduce Utility Bills Using Solar Shading Solutions

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Solar Shading

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For the homeowner looking to reduce utility bills using solar shading solutions, there are a number of ways this can be done.

For maximum effectiveness, it essential that solar orientation is considered when designing energy efficient homes. At the design stage of new construction, factors such as site layout, room locations, window size and the prevailing climate all need to be considered.

For properties located in hot climates, the most efficient way of designing the house is to ensure that bedrooms are positioned on the north side of a property to allow them to remain cooler during the evening making for a more comfortable sleeping environment. This way, the air conditioning unit will not need work as hard to cool the space.

Generally, the south facing elevation of the home is where the majority of solar shading will be required. Where large windows and doorways are located at this elevation, a large amount of heat can be amassed inside the rooms of the home as the sun’s rays penetrate the glass throughout the day. Again, in order to cool this space, the air conditioning unit will be required to work overtime to keep the environment pleasant.

The drawback to using the air conditioning unit a lot is that it will lead to expensive utility bills that often eat a large part of the home owner`s monthly budget. So what if there was a better way? The solution is simple and once present will cost nothing to run. Shade!

By providing shade to windows and doorways, the amount of direct sunlight able to penetrate into the building can be greatly reduced. In turn, this will lead to a cooler inside temperature that is far more comfortable to spend time.

There are a number of ways shade can be added to properties including window shutters, blinds, building overhangs and small canopies. While these are all great, one of the most beneficial solutions is through the installation of high-quality, retractable sun awnings. These are the ideal solution to all solar shading requirements because they are so versatile in the locations they can be installed.

Awnings are available in a wide range of sizes, so anything from the entire rear of the home to a small upstairs window can be shaded using an awning of this type. Very simple to install, they simply fix above the opening and retract out from the wall when shading is required. For the most convenient option, multiple awning installations tend to be controlled using a group commander that will open all the home awnings using one handy controller.

For effective shading of large detached properties where the sun moves around he house during the day, a very popular solution is to install sun sensors to the awnings that will open one and close the other when the sun reaches a given point in the sky. This way, the awnings are providing the maximum shading benefits to all locations within the home.

In conclusion, in order to effectively reduce utility bills without it costing the earth it is seriously worth considering installing sun awnings to all bright windows and doorways.

Energy bills are only going to get higher so look to other ways of cooling your home and we can all do our bit to reduce the effects of global warming whilst keeping a few pounds in our pocket whilst doing so.

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