AgriSolar sun-powered insecticide

agrisolar insecticide

For all of those bug-haters who have been too eco friendly to use chemical insecticides, AgriSolar has a new solar-powered insecticide that could mean pest-free crops and far fewer chemicals being used.

The way that AgriSolar has done this is through a relatively simple solar-powered solution, that works like this:

  • During the day a solar panel charges a battery
  • The battery powers a special lightbulb that comes on at night
  • The light bulbs attracts and disorients insects so they fall into a bucket of water and drown

AgriSolar Solar Powered Insecticide Unit

Each solar-powered insecticide unit covers 3,000 – 6,000 m2 and can be used for up to a decade. Over 35,000 of the solar units have been installed on commercial farms, helping to significantly reduce the amount of chemical insecticides being used and at the same time requiring no energy and ongoing attention.

Find out more about the solar powered insecticide units at AgriSolar Solutions.

via Fast Company