Windex Mini concentrated refill packs cuts down on plastic bottles

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The days of buying bottle after bottle of your preferred cleaning fluids is finally coming to an end, with the launch of SC Johnson’s new Windex Mini concentrated refill pouch.


How it works

Next time you run out of Windex, instead of buying another bottle, you can just purchase a refill pouch with concentrated liquid in it. Pour the pouch’s contents into the old bottle, fill it with water, and it’s ready to be used as if you had just picked it up from the store.


Environmental benefits

The new “snip ‘n pour” pouch design uses 90% less plastic than a traditional 26 fluid ounce trigger bottle, and also ships only a few ounces of liquid, cutting down on the amount of space required for shipping and reducing shipping weight by about 1.5 lbs per bottle.

The concentrated refill pouches aren’t a brand new idea, though – this is the same eco friendly design that has made iQ Cleaners a favorite choice among environmentalists. But having a household brand name like Windex getting behind green design is certain to make a more significant environmental impact.

According to research done by SC Johnson, if 20% of Windex bottles were refilled instead of replaced, the company would avoid producing 350,000 lbs of plastic, and eliminate the need to ship 735,000 gallons of water each year. The benefit is obvious.

So, next time you are about to pick up a replacement bottle of cleaner, be sure to double-check and see if there is a refill pouch available instead.


Windex Mini Bottle Pouch

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