memorial day

This Memorial Day, while we all show support for the Troops and enjoy a day off from work, we should also take the opportunity to be outdoors and enjoy the weather, and being green while doing so. Here are a few ways to go green this Memorial Day.


Have a Green BBQ

One of the best ways to celebrate Memorial Day is by having a family BBQ – and it’s also a great time to show your green side. The first step is to choose a BBQ that emits a small amount of CO2. A solar-powered barbecue is the most desirable, but a propane or gas powered barbecue is the next best thing, as it emits the least amount of CO2.

You should also be sure to grill up some green food, to complement traditional burgers. Go for some organic meats, as well as some BBQed veggie-dogs and burgers to reduce the environmental impact of your meal.

For more tips on having a great green BBQ, check out this video from Green Living’s Candice Batista.


Get Outdoors

We recently ran an article about all of the great ways parents can get their kids having fun outdoors, and what better time to put some of these activities into practice than on Memorial Day? Check out the full article here: Let the kids go wild outdoors

With warm weather finally on the way, it’s also a great time to start gardening for the season, and even plant some trees if you have the chance. Not only will it green up your yard, it will help clean the air around your home as well.

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For more information on how to garden green, check out our Responsible Gardening series at the following links:


Rethink the Fireworks Display

A staple of any summer holiday, fireworks can hardly be avoided. However, every fireworks explosion releases a shower of chemicals that eventually rain down on our heads and our soil. Now, I’m not telling anyone to stop setting off fireworks – but it may be a good time to get together with your neighbors and put on a fireworks show together for multiple families to enjoy rather than each household firing off their own. It will be better for our health – as well as our planet’s – in the long run.

We hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day while going green, but most importantly while being safe!


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