malt o meal bag the box

A cereal box is redundant, unnecessary packaging. The bag inside is already protecting the product and keeping it fresh, and the cardboard flaps that ‘close’ the cereal box really don’t do anything to keep the breakfast food from going stale.

So why do we use boxes? Sadly, the only real purpose they serve is to better market the product.

But Malt-O-Meal is about to change the way we think about cereal, with a new campaign they call “Bag the Box“. By promoting the packaging used for their cereal line of products, not only is Malt-O-Meal using 75% less material to present their food on grocery shelves than their competitors, and saving enormous amounts of energy in the packaging process, they are also cutting down on the amount of waste that will be produced by households that buy the cereal.


The environmental impact of cereal boxes

Watch the following video to find out exactly what the environmental impact of the cereal box industry is – after seeing this, you won’t look at grocery store shelves the same way again.

Just think of what a huge impact 345 million pounds of paperboard has. And that is without taking into consideration the amount of energy used to create the boxes, ship them, and eventually recycle them.


Recycling the bags with Terracycle

The first argument against the bags would be that they are not as recyclable as cardboard. However, by partnering with TerraCycle, Malt-O-Meal has ensured they will produce as little was as possible by upcycling what they can. As well, people who buy the bagged cereal have an incentive to recycled the bags with TerraCycle, as they will receive TerraCycle points for every bag that is sent in.

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Boxes are everywhere – why not bags?

Grocery Store boxesNow that you know the environmental impact of the boxes that your food comes packaged in, does it change the way you look at grocery store aisles? Crackers, rice, powdered laundry detergent, just about anything frozen – all of these items come in boxes when realistically they would be just as easily sold in a bag. So why haven’t more businesses jumped on the ‘Bag the Box’ bandwagon? It’s time to make a green change.


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