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This week, a Vatican working group called the Pontifical Academy of Sciences released a document called “Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene” that calls for actions to be taken against climate change.

In the document, the Vatican group addresses the billions of tons of CO2 which have been spewed into the air over the past century, the negative effects of human’s impacts on the planet, and most importantly, the rapidly melting glaciers and rising sea levels.


The Vatican group on Climate Change

The following is an excerpt from the document calling for environmental action:

We call on all people and nations to recognise the serious and potentially irreversible impacts of global warming caused by the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and by changes in forests, wetlands, grasslands, and other land uses. We appeal to all nations to develop and implement, without delay, effective and fair policies to reduce the causes and impacts of climate change on communities and ecosystems, including mountain glaciers and their watersheds, aware that we all live in the same home.

By acting now, in the spirit of common but differentiated responsibility, we accept our duty to one another and to the stewardship of a planet blessed with the gift of life.

Link to PDF: Fate of Mountain Glaciers in the Anthropocene

Glacier Comparison 1978 - 2008

What the Vatican recommends we do about global warming

The group that composed the document included glaciologists, climatologists, meteorologists, hydrologists, physicists, and chemists. In their report, the Vatican-selected group urges all global cultures to take action by:

  1. Reducing CO2 emissions
    • Rapidly transition to renewable energy sources
    • Stop deforestation
    • Develop a strategy to eliminate excess CO2 in the atmosphere
  2. Reduce warming air pollutants by 50%
    • Dark soot, methane, low atmosphere ozone, and HFCs must all be reduced this century
    • Failure to do this will increase health and respiratory problems, as well as crop damage
  3. Preparing for the changes we can’t avoid
    • Globally assess “the natural and social impacts of climate change in mountain systems and related watersheds.”
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So, does God believe in Global Warming?

Let’s put it this way: if the Vatican is telling us we are running out of time, it’s probably time to take action.


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