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The next time you’re looking for a local green activity to take part in, look no further than GreenTowns.com, a new online network that makes it easy for people to connect with like-minded environmentalists around them for the greater good of their communities.


Finding local environmental initiatives

One of the hardest parts about getting involved in environmental activities is finding out where they’re happening. Many organizations have websites, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for it’s hard to find it. That’s why a website like GreenTowns is a great idea: it maps out the locations of environmental initiatives that you can search for by your town, state, or zip code.


Getting involved with local green activities

It may seem obvious, but the best way to bring about change in your community is to take action yourself, and set an example for your neighbours. Once you visit GreenTowns, you’ll notice the enormous number of local environmental initiatives that are taking action and making their community a greener place.

If you are a seasoned environmentalist, the organizations in your area could likely use your knowledge and expertise. And if you’re just starting to learn about green initiatives, what better place to learn than amongst your neighbours.


Help your town become more sustainable

Not only will getting involved help raise awareness about environmental issues, you could also put your town on track to become even more sustainable. Once you begin taking action, you can fill out a “Green Snapshot” of sustainable efforts in your town and help put it on the GreenTowns map of most sustainable towns in America.

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Visit GreenTowns.com to get started and see what kind of a difference we can all make.

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