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Most wine drinkers know that plastic and metal capped wine bottles are becoming more and more common – but a new campaign is trying to change that, and increasing awareness about the environmental, social, and economic benefits of natural cork while they are at it.


The environmental benefits of 100% cork

According to the 100% cork campaign, there are two main environmental benefits of natural cork. They are:

100% cork produces less greenhouse gas than alternatives

Metal screwcaps and plastic stoppers are the most popular alternatives to using corks made out of 100% cork, but they require far more energy to produce. In fact, a study conducted by PWC showed that non-cork alternatives produce 10-24 times more greenhouse gases in their production, and consume up to 5 times more energy during their entire lifecycle.


100% cork is recyclable, biodegradable, and sustainable

Not only can cork be recycled better than its plastic alternatives, the continuous production of cork promotes sustainable stewardship of cork oak forests, which in turn helps natural ecosystems flourish. And to top it off, the cork oak trees that a wine cork is made from are never cut down – the cork is only made from the bark.

In addition to its environmental benefits, natural corks preserve wine in a way that can’t be outdone by plastic or metal.


Sign the 100% Cork Pledge

This past Earth Day, the 100% Cork Campaign set up shop in Times Square to spread the work about the environmental benefits of cork, and to try and get people to pledge to only drinking wine that was capped with natural cork. Hundreds signed up and made the simple pledge that can have a positive impact on the environment. The pledge has now made its way online, and you can sign up too by clicking here.

Parducci Wine Cellars Goes Green


100% Cork’s Incredible Video Series

To help[ spread their message, the 100% Cork Campaign produced a series of hilarious videos that you don’t want to miss. Note: these are intended for a more mature audience – they are about alcohol, after all – but they are still safe for work. Check them out below.

This one is called “Sniff the Cork”

This one is called “Office Party”

This one is called “First Date”.


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