Products Made from Recycled Materials Awarded in Contest “Art of Reuse”

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A contest called “Art of Reuse” for the most innovative handmade items made from recycled materials was held by NBC Universal’s “Green is Universal” department, and Etsy, and as of Earth Day they have announced their winners. The top 3 winners include a cast-iron claw foot bathtub couch, a firefighter jacket messenger bag, and a 20 minute dog sweater. Keep reading to find out about these awesome recycled materials products, and check out pictures of them below.


Art Of Reuse Contest Winners

Here are the details on the top 3 products made from recycled materials, awarded in the Art of Reuse contest


First Place: Cast-Iron Claw Foot Bathtub Couch

Everyone knows what an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub looks like – but not everyone has cut off one side of a classic tub, added some cushion, and made a stylish couch from recycled materials. The cast-iron claw foot bathtub couch was created by Jill Morrison, and you can order your own from Etsy here.

Second Place: Firefighter Jacket Messenger Bag

Artist Evon Cassier was inspired by a firefighter’s jacket, and so used the reflectors and added scraps of leather to create a cool looking messenger bag that could be worn by firefighting heros, or everyday people alike. As the recycled material bags are made from the jacket that’s available at the time, each bag is created unique in its own way. Order your own from Etsy by clicking here (note: you have to supply the jacket!)

Third Place: 20 Minute Dog Sweater

The third-place prize went to Jennifer Kerr, who created a a sweater for her dog out of her own hand-me-down cardigan, and did it in just 20 minutes. To help anyone who wants to make a sweater for their dog out of some of their own recycled materials, Kerr created a quick tutorial to help others recycle their old clothing. Check out the 20 minute guide to making a dog sweater here, and visit Jennifer’s page at Etsy by clicking here.

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Hopefully these designs inspire you to reuse something in your own home, and create an award-worthy recycled product like the Etsy winners above.

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