Hybrid Solar Israel AORA
Although using solar power is becoming increasingly popular, and is an easy way to cut greenhouse gases, it has the inherent problem of only working when the sun is out, unless you invest in super expensive batteries to save your power for a cloudy day. This is why solar fields, like the one pictured to the right, aren’t being widely adopted as the solution to the green power switch – power generation is too unpredictable. But an Israeli energy company, AORA, thinks they’ve found the answer: by going with a hybrid system. The plan would combine part traditional solar power and part diesel fuel which would be able to provide day and night power. The project to test this theory will open next month and is expected to generate enough energy to power 40 houses. On one hand, it’s a benefit to find a way to create round-the-clock solar power, but on the other, we’re still burning fossil fuels. Maybe the hybrid system that we’re using in our cars isn’t the right way to approach the renewable energy problem.


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