GE Hybrid light bulb

One of the biggest complaints about the new energy efficient CFL light bulbs is the time it takes for them to warm up and reach their full brightness. Thanks to a new lighting invention by GE, there will soon be a bulb that is as energy efficient as a CFL but lights up instantly.


Energy efficient halogen / CFL light bulb

The new hybrid energy efficient bulb has the best of both worlds: by including a halogen bulb, the light turns on instantly when you flick the switch, then when the CFL portion has warmed up and reached its full brightness, the halogen turns off ensuring no unnecessary energy is used.

Further to that, GE’s packed the design of the halogen/CFL combo inside of a traditional incandescent bulb, making the new energy efficient lighting fixture like three bulbs in one.


Energy efficiency for Earth Month

The bulbs are being released this month in GE Energy Smart® Soft White and Reveal® options. Be sure to check your local hardware or lighting store to pick up one of the new bulbs for your next replacement, and let us know what you think in the replies.


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