Aveeno sets up artificial forest in Times Square to raise environmental awareness

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Aveeno Times Square forest

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Today in New York City’s Times Square, you are likely to see something out of place in the urban sprawl: a forest of real trees planted artificially on behalf of Aveeno Skincare to raise environmental awareness, and encourage everyone to take small steps towards going green.


Aveeno’s Active Naturals Forest

The well-known skincare company has selected Earth Month (specifically, April 7 & 8) to pop up its forest in TImes Square to promote small environmental acts that can make a big difference. Amongst the trees, Aveeno is aiming to educate people about the importance of planting trees, being more energy efficient around the home, and choosing sustainable forms of transportation, all of which help reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.


Aveeno and MillionTreesNYC

After the artificially planted trees are taken out of Times Square, Aveeno is going to be donating 500 trees to an organization called MillionTreesNYC. To make this spring even greener, the New York Restoration Project is collecting donations from other New Yorkers in an effort to double the number of trees, and have 1000 to plant. If you’re interested in donating, be sure to visit www.nyrp.org or MillionTreesNYC.


Aveeno Skincare’s natural ingredients

Aveeno does more than ‘talk the talk’ – their products make use of ‘Active Naturals’, or natural ingredients like soy and oatmeal, to provide your skin with healthy chemical-free treatments. Other ingredients that make up the ‘Active Naturals’ Aveeno family are feverfew, shiitake, lavender, chamomile, which are supposed to help bring an air of calmness, as well as be gentle to your skin.

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