Coca-Cola plastic bottle

The Coca-Cola Company has invented a new form of eco-friendly packaging called PlantBottle that is going to be rolled out on the Dasani and Odwalla brands starting today, immediately reducing the amount of plastic used to contain the drinks.


Coca-Cola Company’s PlantBottle technology

The new eco-friendly packaging is called PlantBottle, and is made from – as you might have guessed – plants. The material used to make the PlantBottle is called HDPE plastic, even though it is not traditionally what we would refer to as plastic. HDPE plastic is made only from ethylene, which itself is only made from renewable ethanol derived from sugarcane.

When you are done drinking from the bottles, the plastic is 100% recyclable, so the materials will be able to go full-circle.


Seeing Dasani and Odwalla PlantBottles on the shelves

You may have heard of the PlantBottle before, as it was used on products in limited release throughout 2010. Now that the Coca-Cola Company has proven it is a durable material comparable to plastic, as well as an eco friendly solution to plastic bottles, it has decided to roll out the packaging on its more popular brands, Dasani and Odwalla.

The Odwalla bottles will be made from up to 100% of HDPE plastic, making it a fully plant-based bottle, whereas the Dasani bottles will be made from up to 30% plant based materials.


Dasani’s PlantBottle Commercial

Check out Dasani’s announcement for its PlantBottle below:

The Coca-Cola Company’s endless competition with PepsiCo

It was only a few weeks ago when PepsiCo announced it had invented its own plant-based plastic (theirs is slightly different, made from switch grass, pine bark, and corn husks). And now, the Coca-Cola Company has announced it will be released the PlantBottle to shelves as quickly as possible. Although it seems like this is typical competition with long-time beverage rivals, the obvious winner in this case is the environment.

The Coca Cola Company: A Capitalists Most Unprofitable Nightmare Come True

If the competition to be the ‘greenest business’ continues to spur eco-friendly and green technologies, we should we should hope to see more of it in the near future.


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