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2010 was an incredibly year for renewable energy sources, according to Clean Edge‘s Clean Energy Trends report released today. The report states the global markets for solar, wind and biofuels grew 35% over the previous year, growing from $139.1 billion to $188.1 billion in total.


10 years of Clean Energy Trends

This year’s Clean Energy Trends report marks its 10th anniversary, and as an acknowledgement of the huge changes we have seen over the past decade, Clean Edge has included information comparing where we were ten years ago to where we are now.

For instance, the combined global market for solar and wind power is $131.6 billion today – but in the year 2000, it was only worth $6.5 billion. This enormous increase shows a positive shift towards clean energy sources which should be seen as a remarkable achievement.


Alternative energy over the next 10 years

statistics chart showing the global clean energy projected growth for 2020

In addition to looking back at the past 10 years, this year’s Clean Energy Trends report shows growth projections for where we can expect to be in the future – and we are showing no signs of slowing down. Current projections for biofuels put it at twice its current value – from $56.4 billion to $112.8 billion – by 2020. Similarly, the market for renewable wind energy is expected to double to almost $123 billion by 2020.

Solar power, which has had the most significant adoption to date, is expected to continue a strong growth increase and have a market worth $113 billion by 2020.

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Clean energy trends ready to impact the markets

According to the report, there are 5 additional key trends that will significantly affect the alternative energy markets in the coming years. They are:

  1. Incandescent Phase-Out Lights the Way for Low-Cost LEDs
  2. Natural Gas Advances as a Powerful Partner for Wind and Solar Energy
  3. Cleaner Aviation Fuels are Poised for Takeoff
  4. Low-Cost Green Building Brings Relief – and Sustainability – Around the World
  5. Innovation Provides Alternatives to Rare Earths


Read the full Clean Energy Trends 2011 Report

I highly recommend checking out the full Clean Energy Trends 2011 report. To download PDF copy for yourself, visit Clean Edge’s official website.



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