Seventh Generation Redesigns Bottle: Recycled Paper on the Outside, Minimal Plastic Inside

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Seventh Generation, the environmentally-friendly household product maker, is overhauling the design of their plastic bottles to show consumers they can go greener. Now, Seventh Generation household cleaner bottles have 66% less plastic, and the minimal amount of plastic that is used to hold liquids is coated with 100% recycled cardboard and old newspaper.


Seventh Generation’s eco friendly bottle design

The liquids that used to be contained in the thick plastic bottles are now held within a thin plastic pouch. The outer shell of the container (pictured above) can be separated from the disposable plastic bag, and recycled up to seven times or be composted to decrease its environmental impact even further.


Where you can find the new paper bottles

The bottles were just announced by Seventh Generation and its parent company Ecologic Brands, but the first product to be shipped using the new eco-friendly design is Seventh Generation’s Natural 4X Laundry Detergent, which should be on supermarket shelves starting on March 16.


Cut down on your plastic consumption

Be sure to pick up one of the new paper bottles next time you are shopping for household cleaners. Seventh Generation has found a unique and practical way to ship liquids that everyone uses, and their incredible environmental effort should be rewarded.

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