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Today, Bullfrog Power announced the addition of 100% green natural gas to the clean energy offerings it provides to customers across Canada. The announcement comes not long after Bullfrog Power and Kraft’s announcement that the partnership will be using the same renewable natural gas collected from landfills to power a Dad’s Cookies manufacturing facility. Now, interested residential or commercial customers can use the same green natural gas (currently being collected from a landfill in Quebec) to power appliances and provide heat in their homes or buildings.


Environmental benefits of renewable natural gas over conventional gas

Conventional gas (the type used to fuel your stovetop or gas fireplace) is a non-renewable source of energy derived from fossil fuels. This means that every time the stove, gas fireplace, or other gas-fueled appliance is turned on, fossil fuels are being burned and released into the atmosphere.

If you think you don’t use gas very often, when taking the entire nation into consideration, it’s not a trivial amount. A recent study showed that Canada’s conventional gas consumption contributes to 32,000 kilotonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year, or the equivalent of 77% of Canada’s passenger car vehicle emissions.

Renewable natural gas, on the other hand, is collected from the decaying material in landfill sites, and the carbon that is released from its burning is the same as what would be produced if it were not collected. In this regard, green natural gas collected from landfills is a net-zero CO2 emissions energy source.

By using Bullfrog Power’s 100% green natural gas, home and business owners can feel confident they are reducing their environmental footprint, supporting clean energy technology to power the future, and making a positive effort towards a green lifestyle.

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Natural gas from landfills sounds gross, but works great

The gas emitted from rotting waste like orange peels, egg shells, and grass clippings in landfills is cleaned before it gets to your house and certainly doesn’t smell like garbage when it’s being used. Using the new form of renewable natural gas requires no retrofits or special equipment – you could start using it right away, after signing up at Bullfrog Power’s website (Click here to sign up your home or here for your business).


The Bullfrog Power philosophy on green natural gas

Similar to Bullfrog Power’s other energy offerings, the customer who pays their bill to Bullfrog Power is not necessarily the one who is using the clean energy – or, in this case, clean natural gas. Instead, Bullfrog Power injects natural gas into the national pipeline system in the same amount the customer has used, essentially matching what they have taken out with clean natural gas. This displaces conventional fossil fuel gas from the pipeline, and replaces it with clean burning natural gas.

The same methodology is applied if you are a Bullfrog Power clean energy customer; although you may use energy which was generated from a non-renewable source, Bullfrog Power injects renewable energy generated from wind farms or low-impact hydro projects into the grid for the same amount which you used.


Getting clean natural gas power in your home

According to Bullfrog Power, making the switch to clean natural gas only results in an increase of approximately $1/day on your bill. While that does add up to hundreds of dollars a year, it is an environmental effort that is well worth the price.

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If you live in B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick, you can sign up for Bullfrog Power’s natural gas offering today, and curl up by the gas fireplace to enjoy your landfill-fueled warmth next winter season.


Still not convinced? Watch the video

Check out Bullfrog Power’s video on the new product offering below:


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