US Department of Defense and FlexEnergy to Use Landfill Gases for Sustainable Energy

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Turning Landfill Waste into Sustainable Renewable Clean Energy

The Department of Defense announced today it would be partnering with cleantech company FlexEnergy to build a state of the art landfill gas power plant at its Fort Benning, Georgia base. The new plant will utilize FlexEnergy’s brand new Powerstation™ technology to provide the Army with clean renewable energy all year round.


The Revolutionary FlexEnergy Powerstation™

FlexEnergy has already proven their technology works incredibly well. Prior to signing the contract with the US Department of Defense, they installed a smaller Powerstation™ program at the Lamb Canyon Landfill in Riverside County, California. Although that program was much smaller, powering 30 homes in the community, the same landfill gas technology will be able to create 250 kW at the Fort Benning landfill and power approximately 250 homes.


Incredible Alternative Energy Source

What makes this form of energy sustainable? Landfill gas installations (similar to biogas installations) are always a great alternative energy source, because they make use of something that otherwise will go to waste and have a negative impact on our planet. The methane gas that FlexEnergy’s Powerstation™ will capture at the Fort Benning landfill has 20-25 times the negative environmental impact as CO2. By taking it out of our atmosphere and putting it to good use powering homes, FlexEnergy and the Department of Defense are making a huge difference for the environment.

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