Earth Monkeys Eco-Friendly and Ultra-Portable Baby Accessories

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What Makes Earth Monkeys Great

As far as baby-based start-ups go, Earth Monkeys has two great advantages over their competition: first, all of their products fold up small enough to fit on a keychain, making it easy for any moms-on-the-go to have all of their necessary items ready to go at all times; second (and most importantly), all of their products are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and all attached carabiners are made from 100% recycled aluminum.


The Product Lines

Earth Monkeys’ line of products consist of bibs, pacifier holders (or “Paci-Paks”), and changing pads (or “Porta-Pads”), and each product line touts the same environmental benefits. To give you an idea of how much plastic Earth Monkeys’ products are reusing, in terms of 20 ounce bottles, the Paci-Pak pacifier holder is made from 1.5, the Porta-Pad is made from 6, and the bib is made from 2.5! And the fact that they’re made from recycled plastic isn’t just for show: it’s what makes the products extra waterproof!


Give Credit To The Moms!

The two moms who started Earth Monkeys, Lindsay McPhail and Gena Hansen, have even started their own Earth Monkey Moms blog to share information for moms on the go. Considering they have been able to get all of these great eco-friendly products to market in less than year, these moms deserve some major credit!


Where You Can Buy Them

If you’re interested in picking up these products for yourself – or, more appropriately, your baby – they are very reasonably priced (between $8 and $11) and are available online. Follow the links below to find the product of your choice, or click here to visit Earth Monkeys homepage.

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