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On February 1st, the well-known green energy provider Bullfrog Power, announced with Kraft Canada it would be powering the entire production facility that creates the delicious Dad’s Cookies with 100% green natural gas and 100% green electricity. Not only will the baking plant be offset by green Bullfrog energy, the packaging plant will be as well.

You might be asking yourself what the difference is between traditional Bullfrog Power (usually created by wind and hydro facilities) and new, natural gas Bullfrog Power – and rightfully so. The difference is that “natural gas” is actually more like ‘biogas‘, as it is captured primarily from decomposing matter in landfills – but describing it like that makes the cookies less appetizing.

Here’s the technical description of how the process works:

Green natural gas is produced by capturing and cleaning the gas produced through the decay of organic matter in our everyday waste stream. It is then injected onto the national gas pipeline, providing a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuel-based natural gas. Unlike conventional natural gas, green natural gas does not increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore helps prevent climate change.

To see such a recognizable household brand such as Kraft adopt green energy sends a clear message that everyday consumers now expect environmental responsibility from the brands they trust. We hope to see more businesses follow Kraft’s lead.

The new ‘natural gas’ option offered by Bullfrog is not yet available to the public, but you can look for it later this year. In the meantime, keep an eye out for the Dad’s Cookies being powered by Bullfrog on the shelves – or flying off of them – this April.

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