sustainable washroom

When you actually think about it, the washroom is probably the least sustainable part of your home. Between the amount of running water, toilet and tissue paper being used, and (in most cases) chemical-induced products being poured down the drain, the bathroom is nothing but trouble to an otherwise eco-friendly home.

While they can’t control how much water you use, a Netherlands-based business is trying to change the way people use paper products and soap in their washrooms. The picture below shows the Satino Black sponsored “World’s Most Sustainable Washroom”, featuring cradle-to-cradle hygienic paper, and hand soap and foam.

What separates Satino Black’s products from other eco-friendly paper producers is they are the only 100% cradle-to-cradle paper products on the market (which basically means waste materials are recycled to manufacture old products into new products rather than permanently dispose of them). All of the products, including the hand soap and hand foam, are now cradle-to-cradle, and CO2 neutrally produced.

As if that weren’t enough, Satino Black went the extra mile and ensured all of its dispensers (the black boxes in the pictures) were also made of recycled materials, and that every existing dispenser they were replacing was going back into the cycle, to ensure no excess waste was being created in the process. It’s quite an incredible feat, and one we hope can be implemented in washrooms around the world.


Satino Black Sustainable Washroom

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