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I find the world of kids’ clothing a bit confusing. You have your clothes that make kids look like miniature James Deans, with denim and white shirts, or you have those crazy colors and patterns that you can’t believe are all supposed to be a part of one outfit.

Honestly, how can polka dots and stripes be in one outfit?

After a wash, things seem to shrink or fade or just plain come apart and that adorable outfit becomes a one hit wonder.

Now move to the organic clothing world for kids and it is a bit on the beige side these days. I have two girls (one is ten months and one is two years old) and both have pale skin, blue eyes and light hair (one is almost white blond), now add beige to these kids and they look a bit on the sick side.

So I was on the hunt for a local (or at least made in Canada – where we live) organic clothing line that had staple grays and black that I could add fun colors too. I wanted to be able to create a wardrobe that was sustainable all year round. I was looking for clothing that was easy to mix and match, layer and if I am spending money on clothing, will last the cycle of two kids (is it too much to ask that clothing be made in a way that they can be handed down? Durable? I need durable clothing).

I crossed my fingers hoping to find a clothing line that also had simple style with no ruffles or weird ties that require 100% adult attention all the time due them coming undone all the time. Just a plain t-shirt would be great. I wanted pieces I could layer (how many times do I end up taking off sweaters due to inside temperatures being too warm or try getting a winter coat on over some of the thick winter sweaters knitted by Aunt Jane). But beige was not on my list of colors – any color but beige.

I ended up stumbling upon mini mioche. Oh WHAT A FIND!

Made and manufactured in Canada, this 100% organic cotton line has classic cuts and simple style for baby and tots. They use reusable dyes in their fabrics and offer not only basic blacks and grays but bright bold colors that are fun. Finally clothing that can easily be layered and mixed and matched. There are no ruffles on these clothes. They are just simple, designed to be easy going.

I bought several staples for my girls, including The Snug Pant (baby leggings) The Toasty Hooded Dress and The Joyful Dress (a long sleeve dress that goes over the leggings perfectly). The texture of the fabric is so soft (like an old comfy t-shirt). From these basics I have been able to get two weeks’ worth of outfits without doing laundry, which is a bonus for me, our water bill and Mother Nature.

I have washed them (cold water only in our house when it comes to laundry), and they do not shrink. So far, rough and tumble daycare sessions have not ripped or worn these clothes, they are standing up, and looks like they will be able to last and be great hand-me-downs from the two year old to the ten month old.

Always on the hunt for more eco clothing with great deals, let me know what great finds you have in your neighborhood.

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