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Some may argue, that in order for your actions to be recognized as helping the environment, you or your business must be as green as possible first. However, this view may eliminate those who, though not 100% green, are working towards getting there and on the journey they are influencing others to join them as well as actually supporting and enabling others to be green.

This is the case with a company called Becky Bones in San Diego. A shoe line (with some t-shirts also available) for kids and teens, Becky Bones gives 25% of its profits to youth who have grassroots solutions to saving their local environment.

Kids or Teens (over 13 years old), can apply for a “Becky Bones 25 Grant” which ranges from $50 to $300. The application is very simple and there are 3 “auto apply” applications for: planting trees ($25), getting neighbors to switch to CFL light bulbs ($50) and getting your school to install energy saving light bulbs ($100). Kids can also write their own idea of what they would like to do to save their local environment and can be awarded money to help them between $50 and $300.

That’s right, your teen can fill out the application themselves, it is very simple and easy to understand. Imagine the ripple effect this program has on communities around the U.S. Amazing.

Becky Bones is open about only having some of their products made from recycled materials and sustainable fabrics. They have made the choice to give back in another way through the Becky Bones 25 Grant, as they look for sustainable materials that will meet their needs. Beyond their grant they also work with Licensees that share their passion for giving back to and protecting the environment.

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One of their licensees, Osiris Shoes, did not do anything environmentally friendly before working with Becky Bones. Once they entered the partnership, Osiris became committed to doing their part and have have made the following changes:

  • Changed all shoe boxes to recycled content (Becky Bones and Osiris Shoe Boxes)
  • Taken the glue out of all shoe boxes
  • Changed all shipping cardboard boxes to recycled content
  • Changed their toilet paper and paper towels at their headquarters to recycled
  • Installed energy-saving light fixtures at their headquarters

Additionally they are currently:

  • Integrating bamboo into their shoelaces and insoles
  • Researching other sustainable materials to integrate into their shoe designs
  • Working on a recycled rubber for their outsoles
  • Researching water-based glues

Becky Bones was able to inspire change to someone they worked with and only chooses to work with partners who are open to making changes like Osiris.

Take, for instance, Deb’s Elementary school, who had big Recycle Bins out in back, but they didn’t have Recycle cans in their 18 classrooms so no recycling was getting done. Their grant helped them buy the recycle cans they needed! The teachers also talked to all the kids about the importance of recycling when they brought the bins into the classrooms.

To learn more about Becky Bones, visit the official site by clicking here


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