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Each ONE Change ONE is a mass event for Earth Day.

The environmental website It’s The Environment Stupid has created “Each ONE Change ONE, a mass event for Earth Day on April 22, 2010.

An official Earth Day Network event, Each ONE Change ONE is asking every one of the 315 million people in the United States replace one single incandescent bulb with a lower-energy bulb like a compact fluorescent, and to do it on Earth Day.

“People looking for environmental action tend to look down on the simple action of changing incandescent for compact fluorescents, and make a big fuss over expensive solar panels and green roofs,” said Ingrid Wiegand, founder of “Its The Environment, Stupid.”

“But changing bulbs is not an insignificant action, If enough of the five billion incandescent light bulbs we use in this country (United States) were replaced by low-energy bulbs, the impact on energy use would be significant.”

The site has calculated that if 315 million bulbs of the 5 billion bulbs we use were replaced by low energy lights, the 32.4 billion kilowatt hours of energy saved in a year would be more than the state of Nebraska used in all of 2007, and only five percent less than was used in Connecticut for that year. In terms of greenhouse gases, saving that many hours of electricity would prevent 42 billion tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

The website plans to enlist retailers who sell compact fluorescents, like Home Depot, Walmart and Just Bulbs to participate in “Each ONE Change ONE” by publicizing the event and offering discounts on compact fluorescent bulbs to buyers on Earth Day.

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