University of Dayton

The University of Dayton Ohio, will begin to offer a course curriculum leading to a minor in sustainability, which the University hopes will help students connect their futures with current environmental and sustainability issues.

“There is a growing awareness across society that we must learn how to use our resources more prudently and at its heart, living sustainability means preserving resources and quality of life for those who come after us,” said Robert Brecha, physics professor and initiative coordinator of sustainability, energy and the environment said. “We hope through the minor to introduce students to many of the complex issues that feed into the idea of sustainability”.

The new minor will fulfill general education requirements and consist of 18 credit hours. All students must take the introductory course, and students will be able to choose two or three classes from a set of four core courses.

A minor ins sustainability can benefit students of any major. Many students are unsure of exactly what career they want to pursue in the future, but sustainability, energy and environmental issues are going to continue to grow in importance.

Tatum Printy, a junior at the university believes a minor in sustainability will be a helpful addition to her major in education.

“I am going to teach science so learning about the environment and saving energy would be helpful to model my students,” she said.

Learning how to think about complex, interdisciplinary problems, often in classes with multiple instructors is an approach to problem solving that is closer to what students may find in the real world,” said Brecha.

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