Just How Green Is That Grass? New Report Offers Environmental Insight for Home Buyers

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Grass Lawn

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We all know in buying a home, you are buying more than the structure itself.

In addition to the walls, windows and roof, all of which we can see and inspect, you are buying the land and all that lies beneath. And while the grass may be green, there may be environmental issues which could drastically reduce the value of your property.

Green ASAP Ltd., a Sheffield based land surveyor company has launched an online portal allowing purchasers to complete a search of the local area for any environmental factors which may affect the overall desirability of your dream home.

Called the “GreenLightReport” the four hour search is a “comprehensive” round up of the most important major factors any purchaser would need to be aware of prior to purchasing. The report details problematic areas such as radon, coal mining areas and landfill sites.

“So many people are devastated when their dream house appears to be on shrinking clay, or is located on the edge of a former coal field that is unstable” says Philip Wilbourn, Managing Director of Green ASAP Ltd. “These are results that families are faced with every day in the United Kingdom and there few options we have to address this, until the GreenLightReport, that is” he added.

Presently buyers in the United Kingdom only learn of any potential issues with the property well into the process, after both time and money has been committed to the transaction. The report which cost 30 British Pounds can be conducted at the start of the transaction giving buyers peace of mind.

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