boxed water

The cartons above read “Boxed Water Is Better For The Earth“, but what is it better than? It’s obviously better than nuclear waste, and it’s certainly better than burning fossil fuels. But the company seems to be saying it’s better than bottled water, which, if you haven’t noticed lately, may as well be associated with nuclear waste or burning fossil fuels – even some cities are starting to place an outright ban on bottled water (Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.). And since the entire appeal of drinking water from a bottle is the convenience and portability, is carrying around a box full of liquid really the answer we’ve been looking for?

Or is the environmental solution to our portable water obsession so simple that we’re missing it.

Boxed WaterAccording to the manufacturers, 85% of the container (which resembles a milk or juice carton) is made from sustainably harvested paper, and when the boxes are shipped to be filled, they’re shipped flat, as collapsed cardboard would be. In this form, they can fit 5 trucks worth of bottled water in 5% of one truck. Plus, once all the water has been drank, the cartons can be collapsed again and in some areas even recycled.

Just in case there were any naysayers ready to attack the Boxed Water company, they’re already using boxed water for humanitarian efforts. In fact, 10% of all the profits from Boxed Water go towards world water relief foundations. Another 10% on top of that goes towards reforestation foundations.

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A lot of people may still argue that boxed water is a stupid idea when anyone can easily drink from a tap – and they would have a good point. However, there are a lot of places in the world (even in the developed world) where clean drinking water isn’t always readily available. So if you had to choose whether to drink out of a bottle or a box, knowing what you know now, you’d probably choose a box. And that’s why Boxed Water is better for the Earth.


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