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This weekend had me taking my urban family out to the county for a friend’s wedding. I should have clued in that this event may be a bit out of my comfort zone when the invitation stated the event would take place “near” Peterborough. But now that I am adopting green habits, nature and I are more in tune and on our way to becoming close friends, and I thought this would be a lovely trek for my new family and I to take together.

But while packing, I found that I am in a place where I am between skincare brands. Yes, I love my John Masters and just can’t get enough, but with summer coming I felt maybe it was time to try something new. That is how I found out what I had been missing when it came to organic skincare and met John Masters’ blood orange and vanilla body lotion – the second love of my life. Like a newly single girl, I took my time picking and choosing who would be my next skincare lover with care. And decided to go with a line called Druide, created in Canada which made me smile and felt proud to be a Canadian as they were Eco Certified and had avoided all chemical ingredients and process.

I packed up some samples that our Pistachio vendors supplied us and was excited to test them out. Equipped with a lip balm, goat milk lotion, revitalizing body wash, I was set to go.

What did I discover over this weekend retreat?

I need to find an organic and natural way to repel bugs when I trek out to meet my friend Mother Nature again – I will let you know when I find one! When it comes to skincare, texture is a key attribute for me.

The Mom’s Green Survival Pack

Druide Lip BalmI was surprised with the texture of the Druide products – they were similar to burlap and made me immediately think of the treehugger stereotype. Though I have nothing against the actual treehugger person, the texture of the products called for long tie dyed skirts with little bells and Birkenstock shoes and dreadlocks with a scent of Patchouli oil. The lip balm was rough, like fine sandpaper – think of putting on your lip gloss and then walking the streets of the city and the dust gets stuck to your lips – that kind of feeling. What is great about this lip balm is it lasted a long time and I felt that it exfoliated some of the rough patches on my lips. The goat’s milk lotion – though hydrating on my skin reminded me of the smell of baby formula and again that burlappy texture. Finally the revitalizing body wash foamed up with silky bubbles but the most predominate smell was hemp.

Now we do carry the Druide line at pistachio, but why if this was my experience? Because though not for me, it is for some. If you are looking for something that is eco certified, Canadian, puts the environment first in product selection and process, this is the line for you. I already know a handful of my friends that would appreciate the natural smells of these products as strong fragrance (even if natural like from Jurlique or Pangea brands also available to try at Pistachio), is something they avoid. Also, I would give this as a gift to any of my friends that are campers or cottagers who use lake water to bath in as the ingredients break down and won’t harm or damage fragile eco environments and won’t attract animals drawn to yummy fragrances.

The Farmer's Market Is In My Face Cream

So though my new fling and I did not hit it off that is not to say that we won’t find love again in the apothecary section at Pistachio.

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