uGO FlameDisk: Barbecue Alternative To Charcoal

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With springtime getting closer every day, so does barbecue season. And this year, it might be time for a switch from your traditional charcoal. Charcoal and lighter fluids are almost always made from petroleum and fossil fuels, and propane gas is entirely non-renewable, so what’s a green solution to barbecuing? The uGO FlameDisk. It’s made with recycled materials and cooks with ethanol fuel instead of petroleum based products. It lights easily and best of all, doesn’t leave any soot or ash, so it’s easy to take on the go (especially to tailgate parties). Check out a video of how easy it is to use.

Click here to order your own FlameDisk to try out on your barbecue, and see the difference a clean cooked meal can make.

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