WATCH: Greenpeace — Following The E-Waste Trail

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Although Greenpeace is better known for attacking whaling ships, or starting massive environmental protests, they also do their fair share of research into everything that’s happening around the globe.

For instance, a new photo story with voice overs follows the e-waste trail, or what Greenpeace describes as “the immoral and illegal e-waste dumping in developing countries since 2002”.

They found this out by sticking a GPS transmitter into a broken TV and dropping it off at an e-waste recycling depot in the UK. Where they found it months later was on sale at a TV market in West Africa.

Recycling companies in the UK are actually just shipping away junk they haven’t properly tested and selling it to developing nations, which in turn end up becoming our e-waste landfills.

If you want to take action for this cause, watch the full 6 minute version of the video above, and then fill out the petition form Greenpeace has created to ask TV manufacturers to take responsibility for their e-waste.

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