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While everyone is getting pumped up for all of the Halloween festivities tomorrow night, it’s important to keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to be eco-friendly this time of year too. I’m not talking about giving out pencils made from recycled paper, either – that kind of “trick” will just get your house egged. But there are lots of ways you can bring the spirit of “green” to your night tomorrow, and maybe even spark some interest in your neighbours as they come and visit your home.

Although lots of other sites are suggesting giving out organic sweets in lieu of candy, that just isn’t financially possible if you live in a high-density area that brings hundreds of kids to your door. If you are insistent on passing out something green as a treat, try a bulk pack of 100% natural honey sticks. They’ll satisfy the kids’ sugar cravings, but are also a healthy treat. Here‘s a great list of all natural treats to consider passing out this year instead of miniature chocolate bars.

Also, think about decorating with nature: leaves and sticks to make scare-crows, and even hay-bales, pumpkins and dried flowers can add accents that disposable decorations can’t compare with. Plus, it will help speed up the process of your fall yard clean-up, and your kids will want to pitch in too. It also means less decorations to pack away on November 1st.

The most obvious Halloween tip is that your child should be using a recyclable Trick-or-Treat bag. A pillowcase always works great for a big haul, but if you want to limit the amount of candy your kids bring home, try a reusable shopping bag from your local grocery store. And always, make sure to save all of your reusable Halloween items for next year – you’ll be thankful you did.

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For more eco-ideas for Halloween, make sure to again refer to Green Halloween. They have great ideas for parents, kids, and teachers alike!

Happy Halloween!


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