Washup: Saves Water by Flushing With Leftover Laundry


Continuing our unintentional bathroom theme of the day is a cool new product by Sevin Coskun from Turkey, and is part of this year’s Core 77 Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

washing machine toilet

The washing machine/toilet is called the “Washup” and is a conceptual design that does exactly what it looks like it would: after running a load of laundry, the Washup saves the used water to later fill your toilet bowl with, and eventually flush away.

This vertically oriented system is also great for apartments with very little space in buildings that are looking to cut operating costs by conserving water. Systems like this one are going to become increasingly popular in the future when saving water becomes a much higher concern.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy any of these right now, but you can visit the Greener Gadgets site to see the way all of the pipes are connected. I wonder what will be next for this bathroom – maybe a clothes dryer that doubles as a hand dryer?

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