US Army To Build Huge Solar Powered Electrical Plant

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Army Solar Military US PlantIt’s not just major car manufacturers that are jumping on the solar power bandwagon – the US Army is the latest organization to join in the renewable energy field. The military announced that in 2012 they will begin construction of one of the biggest solar powered electrical plants in the country, and will have this plant up and running by 2014. It’s expected that the plant will produce 500 megawatts (the largest current facility produces only 14 megawatts), and will reduce the carbon emissions of the military power grid by 4 tonnes over 25 years. The Army is also joining many other environmental efforts in the next few years, including a geothermal plant being built in 2012, and 4000 electric vehicles on their way. I wonder which sector of the Military’s $515.4 Billion budget these resources will come from?

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