Hearth & Home Offers Tips to Save Money on Winter Heating


Although none of us really want to admit it yet, winter is right around the corner. And with the cold weather comes the issue of dealing with the cost of heating for your home.

Some new tips from Hearth & Home might give you a head-start on protecting yourself from high heating bills next season.

First, retrofitting “energy draining fireplaces” with flip-of-a-switch direct vent gas inserts. Second, look at zone heating with gas, pellet, or wood burning appliances. These allow you to concentrate the heat in the most frequented parts of your home. Third, look for high efficiency (78%) EPA 40 wood burning fireplaces. These are now standard for emissions tests from the Environmental Protection Agency, and will help cut costs of heating this winter.

Check out Hearth & Home‘s site for more information on new industry standards, and their products: Heat & GloHeatilator, and Quadrafire.

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