Firewinder Wind-Powered Outdoor Light

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FireWinder Wind Powered LightThe Firewinder, created by Tom Lawton, is the newest and coolest piece of environmental art that can come in handy around your home, and is an incredibly simple concept to boot. By day, the Firewinder looks like any other vertical wind turbine that you would hang from a tree (pictured here), but by nighttime, a slight breeze will be able to generate enough energy within the turbine to light up the 14 LEDs implanted on the spirals. Although it doesn’t seem like it will provide much lighting around it, the website claims that you can see the Firewinder from 250 m away in strong winds. So, although you shouldn’t go replacing your existing lighting sources just yet, the Firewinder might be a nice travel companion on those camping trips – as long as it stays windy. Pick one up for yourself right here.

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