iPod GreenIf you happened to catch Apple‘s September “Let’s Rock” event on Tuesday, you might have heard CEO Steve Jobs talking about the steps that the company is taking to decrease the impact their products have on the environment. “We want to be just really environmentally sensitive with these products,” Jobs said, “We think these new Nanos are the cleanest, toxic-free iPods we’ve ever built.” This claim can be made because of the redesigned highly recyclable aluminum casing, arsenic-free glass, and the lack of PVC, Mercury, and Brominated flame-retardant within the iPod nanos. Also, the redesigned minimalist packaging reduces the amount of waste, and shipping space, that’s needed in order to get the iPod into your hands. If all of the cool new features didn’t give you reason enough, now is definitely the greenest time to pick up a new iPod

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  1. […] It’s this recurring dilemma that’s making electronic waste one of the fastest growing environmental concerns – not only because it means a device that could be recycled is being thrown away, but also because many computer devices and circuit boards contain chemicals that really shouldn’t be put in a landfill, where they can decompose and leak into the Earth’s soil. The sustainability issue around computer devices is well-known in the industry, and has all of the major players taking the environmental impact of their devices much more seriously. For instance, Apple recently hired former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Lisa Jackson to lead its environmental efforts. […]


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