Junk Mail is a Growing Threat to Climate Change

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When we toss away the junk mail that we receive every day in our mail box, we don’t often think about the consequences of doing that for an entire year. But in fact, over an entire year Americans receive over 100 billion pieces of junk mail. That amounts to so much unnecessary garbage that NASA climate scientists have deemed the “Junk Mail Effect” equivalent to 9 million cars being on the road, or heating about 13 million homes during the winter. That’s why they’ve launched DoNotMail.org in support of a Do Not Mail registry, and an accompanying report with the help of Forest Ethics, a non-profit organization that’s been endorsed by celebrity environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio. Take a minute to head to DoNotMail.org and sign the petition to help end junk mail, and you could help take the equivalent of 9 million cars off the road. 

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