America’s Top Eco Tourist Destinations


National ParkIf you’ve got some vacation time saved up for this summer but haven’t planned a trip yet, you might be interested in checking out National Geographic’s “Green Guide” that features the top 7 eco tourism destinations in the U.S. Topping their list is Camp Denali in Alaska, which they described as an “unspoiled paradise”. The rest of the list is made up by the Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco, Rock Harbor Lodge in Isle Royal National Park, Michigan, Sundance Resort in Sundance, Utah, Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa in Milton, New York, Asheville Green Cottage in Ashville, North Carolina, and Dunton Hot Springs Resort and Spa in Delores, Colorado. The list was chosen based on sustainable practices such as least-toxic cleaners, energy and water savings, and recycling efforts. If you are in the market for an eco destination coming up soon, check out National Geographic’s page for rates and additional details about each area. 



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