Even though the past few years have shown us that robot vacuums are available to do our dirty work, Eureka has just released a redesigned upright vacuum model that is a much bigger power saver than its competitors. Its energy saving motor uses 33% less energy than other upright vacuums, and its HEPA filter is reusable and washable. Eureka even went as far as crunching the numbers to decide how much the vacuum could “change the world”. The Envirovac is expected to save roughly 480 watts per each hour of usage, and assuming that the vacuum is used for one hour every week, switching to this energy efficient vacuum could save the equivalent of 3949 metric tons of C02, or in measurable terms, 855 cars not driven for one year. And that doesn’t even mention if you take into account the money that you’ll save on your hydro bills. Find out more about it at Eureka’s site, or purchase yours online right here. 

How Efficient Are Your Appliances?

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