“Carbon Belch Day” Proves Idiots are Spiteful


These days, we may be taking for granted the fact that new environmental policies are being so widely adopted by so many people.

I say this because today Grassfire.org announced that it is organizing “Carbon Belch Day” in order to help Americans break free from the guilt of using too much carbon.

The group organizing the event blames Al Gore and “Climate Alarmists” for the proposed carbon tax that will be discussed in Congress on June 12.

  • While the proposed carbon tax is controversial, the way to get around it is not to do the following (as they suggest):
  • increase the miles you drive
  • super-cool your house
  • don’t recycle
  • take a plane
  • eat more meat
  • leave lights on an entire day
  • and many more mind-numbingly stupid ideas that only spiteful idiots would deem clever.

Feel free to check it out for yourself, but I recommend you instead check out this cool NASA video about the Sun’s effect on greenhouse gases – and my recommendation won’t make you stupider.



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