Starbucks Ceramic MugIt’s a topic that students at campuses nationwide have begun acting against, and something that every coffee drinker has come to realize themselves: disposable coffee cups are really starting to add up in our trash cans. That’s why Starbucks, back under control by its founder Howard Schultz, is switching to ceramic cups only for in-store orders. If you’re making an order to go and you bring along a reusable travel mug of some sort, you will also receive a discount on the coffee that you purchase. In addition to their coffee-related green efforts, Starbucks is also aiming to convert its stores to run on 50% renewable energy by 2010, and are planning to become more actively involved with ecosystem services to “repay nature for the products they produce”. Help do your part and starting using your reusable mug at your local Starbucks. Photo credit

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