As everyone begins to switch from their old incandescent light bulbs to the new, fluorescent spiral bulbs, we’re starting to realize they are an eye-sore, and offer a much different kind of lighting than we had expected.

Now, coming to the rescue, is Firefly with their new Lunet Lighting Cover that works perfectly with ceiling installed fluorescent spiral bulbs. This lighting cover, that comes in four different styles, helps make the fluorescent light appear more natural, and can add a bit of decoration to a normally unsightly pot light.

The sets, appearing in Frosted White, Stained Glass, Art Deco and Antique Roman, come with an attachment that simply clips into the wide end of the light, and the cover to the other side. This may be the best way to deal with the new fluorescent frustrations that go along with being environmentally friendly.

At the Firefly Online Store, 6 packs begin at $29.99 US and 12 packs starting at $49.99. Keep Firefly in mind next time you are redecorating your kitchen or office.


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