Top 10 Musical Artists Going Green

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Topping Reuters’ list of artists that are making an effort to go green this year is Jack Johnson. In addition to using biodiesel vehicles for coaches and trucks on his tours, Jack also powers his personal recording studio with solar energy!

2. Second on the list is Willie Nelson sells his own biodiesel fuel in 6 states (dubbed “BioWillie”) and is opening the biggest green truck stop in the United States this year!

3. Mana, who I admittedly have never heard of, are a rock group from Mexico who have created their own NPO to help save endangered species, and to reduce deforestation. Google Translation doesn’t work on their page, but if you are bilingual, check out the Selva Negra foundation.

4. The Dave Matthews Band have purchased renewable energy credits to try to help reverse some of the damaging effects their long tours may have on the environment. Fans planning to attend one of their shows can also sign up on their website to join a carpool.

5. KT Tunstall released a “100 percent post-consumer waste recycled and chlorine-free booklet” along with her most recent album. Her UK tour is also completely carbon neutral.  

6.  Pearl Jam members Matt Cameron and Stone Gossard recently contributed to benefits involving flood victims, and planting vegetation in the Seattle area.

7. Serj Tankian (formerly of System of a Down) launched the website Sky Is Over so that fans can easily access environmental organizations and is working to ensure his tour leaves a minimal carbon footprint.

8. Although Reuters reports the independent digital release of their most recent album, In Rainbows, to be a main environmental factor, Radiohead‘s stance on unnecessary travel for performances (as we have reported on in the past), and efforts towards reducing carbon emissions is what makes this UK band super green.

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9. Missy Higgins travelled across the U.S. in a Prius and documented stops at environmental locations all along the way.

10. The Roots have one of the coolest signatures of all (so I can’t believe they’re number 10): they gave away signed compost bins to fans to raise awareness about conserving waste.

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