360 Voddie

360 Vodka is the world’s first truly eco-friendly alcoholic spirit. From the distillation of the product, all the way to the packaging, aims to make the world greener. By  using state of the art technology in creating the product, 360 uses 200% less energy than a regular distilling process and uses an EPA approved water treatment plant. The bottle is crafted from 85% recycled glass, and all paper products used are 100% recycled. Best of all, the company uses a new system of pre-paid mail in recycling to ensure that every bottle is reused to its fullest potential. Next time you’re throwing a party, or just shaking up a martini, buy a bottle of 360 Vodka, and know that a portion of your bottle’s sales will be donated to environmental causes. Keep reading to find out how big of a difference drinking 360 can make

In the production of 360 Vodka’s labelling, Earth Friendly Distilling Co. estimates that they saved the equivalent of 113 fully grown trees, 48,371 gallons of water, 5,409 pounds of solid waste, 10,550 pounds of greenhouse gases, and roughly the equivalent of driving a car for 9,222 miles.

To purchase the product, visit 360’s Online Store and see where you can pick a bottle up for yourself.

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