Tommy LeeA new show premiering on Discovery’s Planet Green in the coming weeks will feature Tommy Lee and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges travelling across the country to compete in different environmental challenges. The show is supposed to be entertainment based, rather than strictly an environmental show, which will likely help the relatively new “Planet Green” channel. The series will conclude by the two musicians meeting in L.A. to perform a joint concert at the Greek Theater, with proceeds going towards Griffith Park. Although both stars of the show will be learning a lot about ways to help the environment, they both already live eco-friendly lifestyles. Keep reading to find out what each of these musicians does on their own to help the planet.

According to Ecorazzi, Ludacris has been auditioning for his latest movie roles by videoconferencing to save on CO2 emissions, and plans to deck his 15,000 square foot home out with solar panels to operate with green power.

Tommy Lee proudly uses motion sensors on all the lights in his home so they will turn off as soon as he leaves a room – also, he keeps them on a very low “dim” setting to conserve energy even when they are in use.

Keep an eye out on Planet Green in the coming weeks for this new show that will surely help draw attention to environmental issues to a new generation.

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