Residential Wind Turbines by Freetricity

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Have you always wanted a personal wind turbine, but thought it wouldn’t quite fit in your backyard? Good news – Freetricity’s Windmaster has you covered. Their miniature roof-mounted residential wind turbines can be affixed to any home or garage that wants to generate a bit of wind energy. The claim is that using the Windmaster will reduce an average home’s electric bills by 25-50%. Although it seems like connecting this to your power source would be complicated, it is actually incredibly easy. Keep reading after the cut to find out more about this hot new product.

According to ENN, the Windmaster connects directly to your home’s power supply, and is used up first whenever your home needs power. If you happen to generate more than your home currently uses, it spins back your meter, and your electric company will give you cash or credit for your savings.

Although the pricing starts at $1,399, if you’re planning on staying in your home for a while, or want an independent power source to use on your garage or tool shed, the Windmaster might not be a bad investment.

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