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Although using the word “green” to describe a winery is redundant, Parducci Wine Cellars in California’s Mendocino County have been using environmentally friendly business practices to ensure that the wine they produce leaves a positive impact on the Earth, as well as the people who drink it.

The winery uses both solar and wind energy to power their business, and use sustainable farming techniques (such as bio-diesel tractors) as well as “Earth friendly packaging”. Their business practices have been significant enough to gain a Green-E certification, and strive to keep all of the winery’s production 100% green.

Parducci estimates that their positive environmental impact is equivalent to the following:

— removing 172 cars from the road for a year, or
— planting 242 acres of trees, or
— not driving a passenger vehicle 2,171,450 miles.

Although their special brand of wine is not available at all locations yet, they have a small selection of wine available for sale at their Online Store.

So keep them in mind before your next dinner party, and impress your guests with the gift of the greenest wine that North America has to offer.

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