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Although we may think that one of the biggest polluters that we use is our vehicles, it might surprise you to know that your computer is not far behind.

According to Climate Savers Computing Initiative, desktop PCs waste half of the energy that is sent to it, which means the production of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions to create the power, and higher electricity bills for something that’s not even being used! They estimate that 11 million participants can remove the equivalent of 11 million cars off the road by 2010.

The Climate Savers are trying to target organizations as well as individuals to raise awareness about the amount of power that is being lost due to PCs left running when they don’t need to be. Client services are based around a pledge either as an Individual, Affiliate, or Associate and declare support to make a significant difference by 2010.

Many companies have already joined in showing their support for the initiative, including Dell, Intel, eBay, and many others.

If you have a minute, check out the Climate Savers website for more information, tips to reduce your desktop’s power usage, or to make your own pledge towards increasing computer efficiency.

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