MTI Microfuel Cells has designed a new methanol based fuel cell that will be used to charge and recharge cell phones seven times before refuelling the with Methanol.

This would drastically reduce the amount of time your phone needs to spend plugged into the wall at night, or during the day if you have a power-hungry PDA.

The system is said to be a “Universal Charger”, so expect to see a product like this to come out for any handheld device you might need on the go.

The system is said to use an internal water conditioning system which apparently makes the fuel cell easier to manufacture, and MTI expects to have this product, currently dubbed Mobion, to market far before Toshiba and other competitors.

Next on their to-do list is to design a fuel cell that will directly power cell phones, rather than recharge them, so expect a redesigned and energy-efficient battery in your next phone.


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